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Who we are

The Canalside Radio is an internet-based community radio station focusing on Orleans County, as well as eastern Niagara and northern Genesee counties.

Music and Local Content

Music Philosophy

There is a LOT of good music. Sure, there are the same 100 hits you'll hear on your favorite radio station, but those same bands had great songs that weren't released as singles, and you rarely heard them. There also a ton of bands you never heard of with a lot of great songs.

You'll hear it all here at The Canalside Radio: A-sides, B-sides and C-sides!

A couple of months ago, the home studio of The Canalside Radio flooded. It gave the station an opportunity to change from a house based, one person show to a true community radio station by building a new studio in a commercial building and bringing on volunteer DJs. This allows the station to be live throughout the day with local personalities, bringing you local news, sports, events, features and emergency announcements as they happen. Please help by either donating to help equip the new studio (click on Fundraiser above) and/or volunteering your time to be a DJ (click on Become a DJ above). 

Thank you for your support.

Local Content      

Localized and breaking news. Community and public service announcements. Local leader interviews and more! Here at

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