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Please note: Opinions expressed on these shows do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of anyone at this station. This programming is provided to entertain and inform a wide range of listeners.

Music Programs:

80s music.jpg

Songs released in the 80's. Hair bands, new wave, punk and more!

M-F 11:30am - 12:30pm

Legislative Gazette.JPG

In-depth look at NYS politics and government

Saturday at 10:00am


Blues show.jpg

Mid-afternoon blues & blues rock

M-F 3pm-4pm

Big picture science.png

Science Program

Tue at 7:00pm

Sat at 11:00 am

Beale Street.JPG

Memphis based blues syndicated show. 

Sat 5pm-6pm

On the radio today.JPG

Three minute look at this day in music history.

Twice a day.

Celtic Music.jpeg

Celtic Rock

Sat 7pm-8pm

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